Asphalt For Sale Near Me

asphalt for sale near me

Are you looking for ‘asphalt for sale near me’?  At the Howard Companies, we not only provide Indianapolis and its surrounding areas with premium paving services, we produce and mill our own asphalt at our mixing plants as well. At our two asphalt plant locations we produce high quality hot asphaltic concrete materials. Ownership of our facilities enables us to ensure the highest quality of all materials and provide you with on-time delivery every time.

Our asphalt plant functions much like others do. When we mix up our product, we use a combination of a small portion of asphalt cement (which gives it its characteristic black color and is the glue that holds the mixture together) and a large portion of loose aggregates. Some of these include:

  • Crushed stone from our local vicinities
  • Sand
  • Gravel

Are you searching for ‘asphalt supply near me’?  

Through our pavement plant services, our company, and the Howard Companies, we bring exceptional quality and skill to the Fishers, Indianapolis, Plainfield, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Westfield and Greenwood areas. Let us help you pave whatever parking lot, roadway or surface you need. Call us today at 317-849-9666.

asphalt for sale nearest me

Learn More About Our Asphalt Material – 3 Key Types of Asphalt Modifiers

When it comes to basic ingredients, paving asphalt couldn’t be much simpler. Two main substances make up the vast bulk of asphalt: crushed gravel aggregate and asphalt cement. Yet while asphalt pavement can be successfully created using these basic ingredients, contractors often choose to augment the mix with certain additives.

These additives – usually incorporated into the asphalt binder – improve the pavement in a variety of ways, from ease of installation to long-term durability. If you would like to improve your knowledge about the different additives used to improve asphalt mixes, keep reading. This article will introduce you to three key varieties of asphalt modifiers.

1. Activated Mineral Stabilizer
In recent years, more contractors have come to appreciate the benefits of a type of asphalt known as stone matrix asphalt. Stone matrix asphalt omits medium-sized aggregate. This omission increases the amount of contact between large aggregate particles, thus leading to a stiffer and more rut-resistant form of asphalt.

2. Rubber
Rubber has come to be one of the most widely incorporated asphalt modifiers in recent years. Much of this rubber comes from recycled car tires. Once non-rubber parts of a tire have been stripped out, workers grind the tread down into what is known as crumb rubber. Manufacturers then incorporate this crumb rubber into the hot asphalt mix.

3. Fiber
Manufacturers have long used fiber as a way to improve the overall performance of hot mix asphalt. A variety of different fiber types may achieve this goal. These include both natural fibers such as rock wool and asbestos, as well as synthetic fibers such as cellulose, polypropylene, and fiberglass.

Learn even more about our asphalt plants on the north and south side of Indianapolis.

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