Parking Lot Maintenance Company

parking lot maintenance company

Are you looking for a parking lot maintenance company? Whether your parking lot is brand new and simply needs basic annual maintenance going forward or is older and needs a complete overhaul, Howard Companies has the expertise to affordably help.  

Howard Companies has the resources to carry out your pavement design and construction needs from project conception to completion. We have over 350 skilled craftsmen and estimators as well as a full line of maintained equipment.

Are you searching for a parking lot maintenance company?  

Through our pavement services, we bring exceptional quality and skill to the Fishers, Indianapolis, Plainfield, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Westfield and Greenwood areas. Let us help you pave whatever parking lot, roadway or surface you need. Call us today at 317-849-9666.

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Some parking lot maintenance tips from the asphalt experts at Howard Companies

With much of the area’s rain falling between April and August, now is an excellent time to learn how to safeguard your parking lot from moisture issues. Learn what you can do from these tips:

Drainage Systems

Moisture protection for asphalt surfaces begins with proper drainage – a failure in this area will inevitably lead to damage. An easy way to tell if you have a drainage issue is to look at your parking lot after a heavy rain. Large puddles of water that remain on the surface for days after the rain has stopped means that the water is pooling instead of draining away.


Sealcoating is the protective barrier that rests over the top of an asphalt surface. Much like a paint application, sealcoating is intended to prevent moisture, as well as oils and UV rays, from penetrating the asphalt and weakening its structure. Whenever a new asphalt parking lot is installed, a sealcoat application is applied.

Fast Repairs

An imperfection in the surface of the asphalt is often a precursor for moisture damage. Imperfections like cracking, potholes, and divots should be avoided and repaired right away. All these issues do one crucial thing: they leave an opening in the asphalt.

Moisture doesn’t have to damage your asphalt parking lot – make sure you’re taking the appropriate steps to protect it. To ensure your lot is rain-ready, and to handle all of your other asphalt needs, Howard Companies is here to help.

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