Parking Lot Paving Company

Parking Lot Paving Company

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When it comes to your parking lot, you have a wide range of choices in terms of what you choose to pave it in.  Out of all of the choices available, however, one of your best options is to go with asphalt. If you do, you will quickly find that this superior paving material comes with a great many benefits.

Unlike other materials, the smooth nature of asphalt protects and insulates tires so that they can drive smoothly, solidly, and easily over the parking lot surface. This greatly reduces the business owner’s risk for liability in the case of an accident or a tire blow-out.

Asphalt is made from very strong materials that, when combined, become even stronger. And, this strong construction means that asphalt won’t easily wear down or experience cracks and damage, the way that other common parking lot materials do.

Another very nice thing about choosing asphalt paving for your parking lot is that it is incredibly affordable. In fact, it is one of the most cost-efficient options currently available, especially when you consider how long asphalt paving can last.

As if you needed something else to appreciate about asphalt paving, it is also very quick and easy to install.  While many other types of parking lot paving need to be thoroughly mixed and left to sit for a set period of time, asphalt comes ready to use and to pour, which means you’ll have your customers back on your lot in no time.

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Some Tips from the Asphalt Paving Experts at Howard Companies

When you have your payment laid, there are things to keep in mind both short term and long term.  Some ideas:

After your parking lot is paved, you will need to keep automobile traffic off of the asphalt for 24 hours (or even longer in hotter temperatures). Even after the asphalt has cured, do not expect it to be as hard as concrete. Your asphalt will remain pliable for a period of 8 to 12 months until the liquid asphalt has totally cured.

During the first 8 to 12 months while your asphalt pavement is curing, try not to park in the same spot every time. Avoid turning the steering wheel while your car is not moving. Doing so may create “power steering marks.” This “scuffing” is normal and will subside as the pavement cures. Turn the wheel slowly and gradually as to not scar the asphalt.

Asphalt should be sealcoated every two to four years depending on the amount of traffic. It is not recommended to sealcoat new asphalt during the first 12 months. This may cause asphalt to soften and prevent it from curing. Sealcoating will enhance the appearance and preserve the life of your asphalt, as well as protect your asphalt from oil, gas and other harmful fluids. Unsealed asphalt may dry out and become rough, thus reducing its useful life.

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