If you’re faced with a drab and rundown surface that’s unappealing to customers and difficult to maintain, reaching out to a professional asphalt service can be a great way to revitalize your property. However, making that investment means you also need to be prepared to embrace the responsibility of keeping that surface strong and stable.

Without proper treatment, you might find yourself frustrated by the way your asphalt wears over time. Fortunately, most of those asphalt problems are entirely preventable if you put in the effort to learn about proper preventative measures and the things you can do to keep your surface strong.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your new asphalt lot. Following these suggestions will allow you to generate the greatest possible return out of your investment and should put you in a position to enjoy a strong and smooth surface for many years to come.
Regular Cleaning
It can be tempting to shrug your shoulders and assume that an outdoor lot isn’t in need of regular cleaning. While a strong rainfall can wash away a lot of problems, it may not be able to handle stains and trash which may only get worse when they’re imbibed with water. In fact, some potential irritants to your lot might actually enhance the erosive effect of rainfall, leaving you scrambling to restore your structural integrity.

Cars leak fluid as an inevitability. Gasoline, engine oil, and a wide variety of other automotive fluids can create unsightly spots on your lot that aren’t cleaned up by a little water. These chemicals may also act to deteriorate some of the efficacy of the adhesive component of your asphalt, placing you at an increased risk for cracks and potholes. Make sure that you schedule regular cleanups and also look into special degreasing products which are designed to remove unsightly auto stains from your lot.
Weed Eradication
Small cracks in your asphalt are an obvious cause for concern, but too many people address the symptom and not the cause. Figuring out where those cracks came from is an important task, especially since they’re frequently the result of plant growth that may be recurring unless it’s properly treated. Weeds which grow under the surface of your lot might spread out and destabilize it before breaking through, hiding the true extent of the problem.

If you notice any plants beginning to grow from the surface of your asphalt, make sure to remove them by the root and then treat the area with a weed eating solution. You should also try to trim back any grass from the borders of your lot and consider laying down a concrete or rock border that will provide an additional layer of protection from encroaching plants.
Proper Drainage
Standing water is perhaps the biggest enemy of any asphalt lot owner. The increased weight and risk of erosion can cause substantial damage to your lot in a relatively short term and may leave you scrambling to keep up as you shake your fist fruitlessly at a storm cloud.

Rather than allowing your frustrations to mount, take that time and energy and invest it in a drainage system. Make sure your lot is properly sloped and the drains remain totally clear in order to maximize the amount of water you can safely direct away from your surface.

The Howard Companies has the experience and skills necessary to fulfill all of your asphalt needs. Relying on professionals for your new lot can guarantee you get the best possible performance, and following these suggestions can further guarantee that that performance lasts for years to come.