Concrete is a material that is used in a wide variety of places. From sidewalks and building foundations to kitchen countertops and road structures, concrete is relied on as a strong and durable material. However, when concrete is put under tension, it can crack. Here are some of the common causes of damage to concrete.

Scaling: Scaling occurs when water seeps into the concrete, freezes and then flakes off. Cement is a porous material which makes it possible for the water to get into the concrete.

Drying: When concrete is poured, there is moisture in it. As the concrete dries, the moisture escapes which causes the mixture to shrink and crack. Often this is controlled by predetermined joints in the concrete, but it can also lead to unplanned cracks.

Corrosion: In building structures, steel rebar is placed within concrete to prevent rusting. However, if chloride ions are present, the steel can begin to rust. This causes an expansion that puts tension on the concrete and leads to cracks.
There are many other reasons that concrete may crack or otherwise be damaged. For any damaged concrete concerns, it is best to contact a concrete repair company to handle the job. Call Howard Companies at 317 849-9666 regarding such companies.